VIDEO 40 years of business; since 1972 Adriatico Italian Colours Industry has always focused its attention on the research and development of sustainable solutions for the various needs of the modern market, based on the harmony between protection and colour. Offering not only quality products for the professional and industrial construction industry and flooring, but also solutions for various international markets. Thanks to a flexible spirit and a team of professionals with profound experience, Adriatico Italian Colours Industry has established itself with an extensive network in Italy and significant interventions also in Northern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The origin of our quality products comes from 40 years of direct production, made in our factory in Italy; acknowledged by our customers, also as reliable, with fundamental product value and great competitive advantages. Adriatico has within its “Italian style” one of its own references, aesthetic harmony, the comfort of good living, protection of the environment, sensitivity towards the search of beauty and sustainable value. Adriatico, a company with the certified quality system UNI EN ISO 9001=2008, believes that quality is, above all, complete customer satisfaction, today and tomorrow.

_experience is not theory
_reliability, 40 years – not just history
_flexibility, is not a solution if it is not personal
_continuity, tomorrow’s guarantee
_you say so, dnv says so

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Adriatico Italian Colours Industry, cares about the well-being of the territory, not only by generating work but also by creating social values, by supporting numerous events, particularly sport activities.

Alessandro Marchionni Sports Club
Founded in the mid-80’s, aimed mainly towards young people, the sports club is actively present in the local football championships, athletics, running, yoga and other sports.

Bocce Championships
Thanks to the long life passion that Paolo Marchionni, the founder, has for bocce, the company has become greatly involved in this traditional Italian sport, organising and sponsoring national and international competitions, _world championships, European championships, Italian championships, and contributing to the diffusion of this sport, also through the production of a patented flooring system for bocce playing areas.